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Quality Excellence Manager

Date: May 4, 2019

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Company: Voith Group


For the Voith Turbo, department Quality, we are looking for you as a Quality Excellence Manager.

Quality Excellence Manager 
Quality Excellence Manager


  • Analyze and dealing with 0-km quality issue of customer complaints  零公里 客户反馈质量问题的分析与处理
  • Summarize 0-km customer complaints issues ,create lessons database to promote continuous improvement for  quality of design and process  零公里客户投诉质量问题总结与归纳,建立投诉归档资料,促进设计与生产质量的持续提升
  • Organize related department to carry out  root cause analyzing and complete investigation report  or 8D report  for 0-km customer complaint, avoid failure occure again,  and communicate with related department   monthly, 对0-KM客户反馈质量问题组织相关方进行根本原因分析、完成相应的质量分析报告或8D 报告,避免问题的再次发生, 并在质量月会上同相关部门进行沟通
  • follow up quality improvement status and  monitor the quality improment  status frequently 跟踪质量改进的情况,定期验证及监视质量改进情况
  • Carry out customer visit and communication if necessary  to master quality status of company products开展必要的客户拜访与沟通,掌握产品在客户处应用质量情况
  • Quality monthly report, quality SFL Opex white board, 质量月报,质量白板更新
  • Quality Cost static and analysis质量成本统计分析
  • Quality methods and training;质量工具方法及培训
  • Quality data collection and analysis;质量数据收集及分析
  • Quality improvent project, eg. Paper free of quality documents’ project etc. 质量改进优化项目,如无纸化质量文档项目
  • Be responsible for internal quality aduit activities 负责定期完成公司的内审工作
  • Coordination of internal & external QMS related information and data control负责企业质量管理体系有关的内部信息的控制及外部信息的协调
  • Minitor and control QMS process 负责质量管理体系过程的监视和测量的控制
  • Lead  the QMS function 管理质量管理体系团队
  • Coordination of management review, internal audit, QMS corrective / preventive actions协调管理评审、内审、质量体系纠正、预防工作
  • Quality system document and record control负责质量体系文件存档及记录工作
  • Assistant to management representative for QMS work代表管理层执行质量体系管理工作
  • Quality data / database input and maintenance质量信息及数据库维护
  • Quality management system including ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO / TS 22163, as well the communication of MOR and CRCC for certification daily products and certification of rail, production certificate of IND and CV if necessary质量管理体系ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO / TS 22163证书获得,以及同MOR和CRCC的沟通,获得铁路,工业以及必要时公路产品认证证书。
  • Other task assigned by senior quality manager 质量高级经理安排的其他工作



  • Bachelor Degree in related major本科学历,质量管理相关专业
  • Be familiar to 0-km customer complaint handling process 熟悉零公里客户投诉处理流程
  • Solid experience on IRIS, TS16949 and CRCC在IRIS、TS16949及CRCC质量认证体系方面有着丰富的经验
  •  minimum 5 years’ experience in QMS 5年以上质量体系管理经验
  • English 英语能力
  • Project Management 项目管理
  • Good knowledge in mechanics and mechatronics, and control of manufacturing process 良好的机械及机电产品知识,熟悉生产过程及过程控制
  • Familiar in the products of the company and functions 熟悉产品结构与工作原理
  • Familiar with ISO/TS22163 or IATF16949, ISO9000 and CRCC 熟悉IRIS 22163 或IATF16949, ISO9000与CRCC标准     
  • Knowledge of quality tools methods and implementation, eg.8D,  熟悉质量工具及质量工具的使用、实施, 如8D
  • Teamwork 团队合作             
  • Analytical Thinking 分析型思维  
  • Communication Skills 沟通技巧  
  • Other Social Competencies 其他社交才能
  • Performance and result orientation 以绩效及结果为导向  
  • Initiative and quickness 主动性及迅速性