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Mechanical Supervisor

Date: Jan 24, 2019

Location: Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Company: Voith Group



For more than 150 years, Voith’s technologies have been inspiring customers, business partners and employees
around the world. Sustainable management is an important part of our history and is always reflected in our thoughts
and actions.


For the VPC, we are looking for you as a Mechanical Supervisor.

Mechanical Supervisor 
Mechanical Supervisor 

  • HSE
  • Ensure HSE regulation and discipline strictly followed in production area
  • 确保现场各项工作遵循相关安全环保规定、法律和要求
  • Cooperate with IMS manager for HSE related activities
  • 配合IMS经理做好HSE相关工作
  • Protect our know-how and  equipment and care for the people employed by VPFC Production, avoid any hazards both for people and the environment in accordance with local law and regulations, as well as follow VP FRS HSE directives (SOP) and instructions
  • 保全现场的先进设备与相关技术以及VPFC现场的员工的安全,按照相关法律法规,避免对人和工作环境产生任何危害,以及执行VP FRS的HSE要求和说明
  • Personnel
  • Develop goals and results driven culture. Develop the spirit of one team one aim
  • 培养目标和结果导向的企业文化,培养目标一致的团队精神
  • Lead, educate and to train efficiently the direct report employees based on mutually agreed goals according to the group strategic ones
  • 根据集团的发展战略,双方制定的目标,领导,教育和培养高效的员工
  • Efficient processes, lean – time efficiency enterprise management in the plant
  • 在工厂企业管理中维持高效的流程,精益-时间效率
  • Ensure Goal Agreement and Employee Dialog 100%  implemented in Operations
  • 在生产运营中确保目标协议和员工对话100%得到贯彻
  • Ensure maintenance employee follow company discipline and regulation,
  • 确保员工生产活动遵守公司的纪律和法规
  • Ensure the maintenance operation is in compliance with the legal regulations.
  • 确保企业的生产经营遵守法律法规
  • Support employment of maintenance staff by providing position requirements
  • 通过提供岗位需求为维修工人的招聘提供支持
  • Machinery
  • Keep improve preventive maintenance to maximize the machine utilization.
  • 持续改进预防性维修使机器生产利用最大化。
  • Pro-actively establish, manage, and improve maintenance activities to maximize reliability and performance of plant assets
  • 积极建立,管理,改进维修活动使车间设备稳定运行最大化。
  • Develop, document, and maintain up to date maintenance procedures and schedules.
  • 持续更新和维持维修程序和安排。
  • Pro-actively work with Group maintenance resources to customize maintenance plans and process improvements to reduce down time, production and maintenance costs
  • 积极组织维修资源以定制维修计划和过程来减少维修耗时,生产和维修花费。
  • Responsible for the whole shops’ mechanical maintenance
  • 负责整个车间设备的机械维修工作
  • Provide technical support for related purchase, upgrade and/or modification for existing machinery and tools
  • 对相关机器、工具的购买、升级、改造及其他项目进行技术支持,并予以协调配合
  • Be responsible for cooperating with related  department to maintain of production machinery and auxiliary machines
  • 负责与生产部门协调合作,以维持生产机械及配套设施的正常运转
  • Delivery
  • Coordinate with production, planning and other related department with maintenance activity to ensure output align with company target
  • 与生产、计划和其他相关部门进行沟通协调相关维修工作,以确保每月产量达到公司的目标
  • Coordinate with production, planning and other related department with maintenance activity to ensure on time delivery rate align with company target.
  • 与生产、计划和其他相关部门进行沟通协调相关维修工作,以确保按时交货率达到公司的目标
  • Quality
  • Ensure quality indicator (i.e. reject rate) align with company target.
  • 确保质量指标(如报废率)与公司的目标一致。
  • Provide assistance in setting up and implement R&D projects together with Technology, Design/Application and Process Control Dept.
  • 对设立和实施研发项目提供技术、设计/应用程序和过程控制的协助。
  • OpEx & 5S
  • Maintain internal control , leading 5S campaign in production area, implement fast improvements
  • 维持车间内部正常运转,在生产区域执行5S检查,并实施快速改善
  • Be responsible for continuous improvement and development focusing on quality, cost effectiveness and productivity.
  • 注重产品质量,负责成本效益和生产力的不断完善和发展
  • Lead and /or participate in relevant projects regarding the production and maintenance area.
  • 领导/或参与有关生产和维修领域的相关项目的开展
  • Lead and responsible for continuous productivity improvement.
  • 负责生产力的持续改善。
  • Financial and Purchase
  • Support purchasing of spare parts, tools, machinery and other items for maintenance related items by providing specific requirements
  • 对维修相关配件、工具、设备及其他物品的采购和供应提供支持
  • Support/ coordinate purchase management to achieve operational excellence according to Voith purchasing standards (four eyes policy, no fraud, supplier evaluations, alternative suppliers, efficient communication between purchasing and relevant departments, establishing  of efficient and reliable purchasing procedures and documentation) in cooperation with VP FRS Asia Purchase Manager.
  • 根据福伊特采购标准,与 VP FRS亚洲区采购经理协作,支持/实现卓越运营。(四项政策,没有欺诈,供应商的评价,可替代的供应商,采购和相关部门之间有效的沟通,建立高效,可靠的采购程序和文件的合作与协调采购管理)
  • Report
  • Maintain good reporting according to company set up. (Internal Reject, Claim, HSE, Housekeeping)
  • 根据公司要求提供高质量报告(如:内部报废,索赔,HSE,财务支出)


  • At least 5 years‘ related working experience in manufacturing environment;; at least 5 years‘ management experience is required;至少8年以上在制造环境下工作经验;至少3年以上相关管理工作经验;
  • Mechanical & Electrical Integrationor  related机电一体化或相关


Qualified, motivated and loyal employees are the engine for our innovative capability and competitiveness. The willingness to think ahead and an enthusiasm for technology is what all Voithians have in common. For our Group VPC, we search for employees that are respectful team players and as diverse as our markets. Use your chance – at Voith.


If you are interested in this position, please send us your application using the link at the bottom of this page.