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About the Voith Group
The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, the company today has more than 20,000 employees, sales of € 4.3 billion and locations in over 60 countries worldwide and is thus one of the larger family-owned companies in Europe.

For the [Voith Hydro], department [Field Operation], we are looking for you as a Generator Installation Supervisor

Generator Installation Supervisor  
Generator Installation Supervisor

Main Responsibility:

Supervise Generator installation team which includes all necessary functions of Generator at site. 监督发电机安装团队,包括现场发电机的所有必要功能。

Collect and prepare handbook such as maintenance the drawing, erection manual, commissioning manual, standards, tools and apparatus. be sure site using latest version of document. 收集和准备手册,如维护图纸、安装调试手册、标准、工具和仪器等,确保现场使用最新版的文件。

Coordination with site team and relevant parties, supervise and ensure that the installation process and results meet the requirements of drawings and specifications, organize and participate in process monitoring and final acceptance, including such as two shifts or over time working if necessary. 与现场团队和相关方协调,监督并确保安装过程和结果满足图纸和规范要求,组织并参与过程监控和最终验收工作,必要时包括两班制或加班。

Supervision and execution of Field NCR during construction period. Communicate with VHS Project Management Members; submit necessary report/ Memo/ letter to relevant departments. 施工期间现场NCR的监督和执行。与VHS项目管理团队成员沟通;向相关部门提交必要的报告/备忘录/信函。

Attend in the regular customer meeting together with the site manager, and independently attend in the generator special meeting. 与现场经理一起参加客户例会,独立参加发电机专题会。

Cooperate with the on-site warehouse or material supervisor to participate in the monitoring and early warning of equipment unpacking quantity and quality, and ensure that the delivery of materials meets the installation needs.配合现场仓库或物料主管,参与设备开箱数量和质量的监控和预警,确保物料发货满足安装需要。

Coordination with group member to create Daily report and Monthly report. Be responsible for the maintenance of installation progress and material arrival information of LMS system of generator discipline。与现场团队成员协调创建日报和月报。负责发电机专业LMS系统有关安装进度、物料到货信息维护等。

According to the contract and customer requirements, cooperate with the master schedule to create the installation and commissioning plan. 根据合同和客户要求配合主计划制定安装和调试计划。

Cooperate with the project business manager to implement the site claim and counter claim management related to installation / testing / commissioning instructed. 配合项目商务经理实施与安装/测试/调试相关的现场索赔及反索赔管理。

According to the HSE requirements of the company and customers, cooperate with the site safety manager to definition and arrangement of suitable measures acc. to HSE requirement of the company and customer. 根据公司和客户的HSE要求,配合现场安全经理定义和安排合适的措施。


Competence and particular knowledge: 能力和专业知识:

High sense of responsibility and accountability. 高度的责任感和责任感。

Strong coordination and communication skills. 较强的协调和沟通能力。

Can be writing, speaking, listening by English 能用英语写作、口语、听力


Requirement to personality and character: 对个性和性格的要求:

Open communication. 开放式沟通。

Flexible. 灵活的

Optimistic. 乐观的

Availability for long term service in GERD site. GERD现场长期服务的可用性。

In full compliance with company’s regulations. 完全符合公司规定。


Education and age requirement教育和年龄要求

Mechanic and Electrical engineering background. 电气工程背景。

5 years or above Hydropower station field work experience 5年以上水电站现场工作经验

8 years or above Generator (Mechanic and Electrical Primary and secondary) knowledges. 8年以上发电机(机械和电气初级和中级)知识。